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Excellent Roman Centurion Costumes

Welcome to the best selection of Roman Centurion Costumes for Adults and Children all in one place. Look as frightening or as mean this Halloween or for any Fancy dress party with these excellent looking costumes.

The Centurion was a professional officer of the Roman army. You too or your child can look as awesome as a Centurion, and with the excellent accessories and sandals available, you will look the total solider. Be sure to Check out these  Cleopatra Costumes too.

Gladiator Child Costume Gladiator Child Costume Click Here==)

The young centurian.

If General Maximus had this white tunic, black body armor with attached gray cape and matching should guard, helmet, shin guards and black wrist wraps, maybe he wouldn’t have been captured and enslaved along the outer fringes of the Roman empire. However, your young Gladiator too will rise through the ranks of the gladiatorial arena to avenge the death of his family and Emperor.

  • Available in Kids Sizes: Medium, Large, X-Large.
  • Includes: Tunic, Body Armor, Cape, Should Guard, Helmet, Wrist Bands, Shin Guards.

Roman Gladiator Child Costume Roman Gladiator Child Costume

Take controll of your army of 80 mean proffesional soliders with this great Centurion Child costume.

Roman Gladiator Child Costume – Roman Soldier includes tunic, chest armor, leg guards, belt, cape, and helmet.

Available in Child sizes Small (4-6), Medium (8-10), and Large (12-14)

Centurion Adult Costume Centurion Adult Costume

He’s never lost a battle.

This professional officer of the Roman army commands a century of 80 men in this white tunic with black armor trimmed in gray with attached gray cape, matching shoulder, wrist and shin guards and helmet. You don’t mess with the best of the best.

  • Available in Mens Sizes: Large (42-44), X-Large (44-46).
  • Includes: Tunic, Body Armor, Cape, Shoulder Guard, Helmet, Wrist, Shin Guards.
  • Pair with a Roman Empress costume.

Hercules Adult Costume Hercules Adult Costume Click Here==)

The ever powerful Hercules!

Half-man and half-god, no mortal stands a chance against this strongman! This Hercules Adult Costume includes a polyester tunic, vinyl body armor with attached polyester cape, arm bands, cuffs, leg guards and headpiece.

  • Available in Adult Sizes: Medium, Large and X-Large.
  • Includes: Tunic, Armor, Cape, Arm Bands, Cuffs, Leg Guards, and Headpiece.

Mark Antony Adult Costume Mark Antony Adult Costume

The bravest of the Romans.

This noble man and Ceasar had an eternal affair with his wife, Cleopatra. This burgundy robe features a white and burgundy ombre edge cape, brown gladiator belt, matching wrist bands and gold head wreath.

  • Available in One Size Fits Most Men.
  • Includes: Robe, Cape, Belt, Wrist Bands, Head Wreath.
  • Pair with a fantastic Cleopatra costume

Marc Antony Elite Collection Adult Marc Antony Elite Collection Adult

A competent military leader, this brave and courageous Roman not only engaged in battle for Cesar, he capture Cleopatra’s heart as well!

This distinguished, fully finished garment includes a burgundy knee length tunic with zipper in back, gold puff print chest detail, attached waist flaps, matching cape with button shoulder accent, fabric cuffs, and fabric gold leaf headband. Escort your queen out for the evening and conquer the town!

  • Available in Adult Men’s sizes Medium, Large, and X-Large.
  • Includes: tunic, wrist cuffs, and headband.

Child's Roman Costume - Gladiator Child’s Roman Costume – Gladiator

All hail the mighty Hercules, here to save the world from monsters and injustice! Our Gladiator Child’s Roman Costume will transform your little man into a brave and fierce warrior!

This model includes a tunic and rustic body armor with an attached red flowing cape. To complete the look, this also comes with matching gold-trimmed armbands, cuffs, leg guards, and headband. So purchase this Gladiator Child’s Roman Costume today and make sure your youngster is ready for battle!

Roman Gladiator Child Costume Roman Gladiator Child Costume

A brave and fearless warrior!

With a sword in his hand and a shield on his arm neither man nor beast can defeat this fierce gladiator! This great costume includes a jumpsuit with a molded chest piece and Roman style armor, an intimidating silver half mask, and a cool gold belt. Sure to be the envy of all his friends this Halloween!

  • Available in Child sizes: Medium 8-10 and Large 12-14.
  • Includes: Jumpsuit, belt, and mask.

Roman 5pc Armour Set Adult Costume Roman 5pc Armour Set Adult Costume

Heavy duty plastic, looks authentic!

Transform into a brave Roman warrior this Halloween! Includes Helmet with feathers, Chest Piece, Back Piece, Shield and Vinyl Skirt.

  • One size fist most Adult Men (up to a size 42/44).
  • Pair with your favorite Roman goddess for the perfect couples theme this Halloween!

Roman Centurian Costume Roman Centurian Costume

Look ready for the battle to lead your army against the hideous barbarians with this unique looking Centurion costume

Roman Centurian Costume includes: White tunic w/ gold trim, (Textured plastic) Chest & Leg armor, Shield and Helmet, vinyl Overskirt and Shoulder Flaps

Roman Empress Adult Costume Roman Empress Adult Costume

Every powerful man needs a strong woman.

Imagine you’re Calpurnia, the wife of Julius Caesar as he begins his descent towards leading Rome and wresting power away from Magnus Pompey and the Roman Senate. How about Livia Drusilla, the wife of Augustus, Caesar’s adopted son, standing by his side as he battles Marc Antony and Cleopatra and ushers in the most peaceful time in Roman history? Or you could be the conniving Agrippina the Younger, who marries and murders her husband Claudius in hopes of ruling with her son Nero?

Rome was filled with incredible women and here’s your chance to portray some of the most important figures in ancient history! Whichever you choose, you’ll look dazzling in this white dress with attached maroon drape, gold medallions and matching armbands.

  • Available in Womens Sizes: Small (6-8), Medium (8-10), Large (10-12), X-Large (12-14).
  • Includes: Dress, Drape, Medallions, Armbands

Cleopatra Elite Collection Adult Costume Cleopatra Elite Collection Adult Costume

She’s elegant enough to crush her enemies and suitors without batting an Egyptian eye.

This majestic fully finished full length White satin gown has an attached waist sash, gold apron drop, back zipper, separate stretch collar of tri-color sequins, long cape that attaches with sequin arm bands, and a beautiful Gold color beaded headpiece. You’ll be lovely enough to rule over your lands!

  • Available in Adult Sizes: Small (4-6), Medium (8-10), Large (12-14), X-Large.

Cleopatra Child Costume Cleopatra Child Costume

A rare desert beauty!

Sparkling in the sun, you have a way of capturing the hearts of those around you! Your costume includes such treasures as a beautiful white polyester dress with an attached gold-tone belt and a wispy mesh blue cape that attaches to your armbands and wristcuffs. A gorgeous matching gold-tone neck piece and crown are also included to complete this breath taking ensemble.

  • Available in Child Sizes: Small, Medium, and Large.
  • Includes dress with attached belt, neckpiece, headpiece, and cape with attached armband and wrist cuffs.

Roman Centurion costumes

With Halloween fast approaching, or for any fancy dress party as a matter of fact, the vast amount of excellent looking Roman Centurion costumes for adults and children is very exciting and easy to access from the likes of the super store BuyCostumes.com, and also others like Hollywood Toys and Costumes.com!, Buy.com and Costumekingdom.com.

Looking amazing has never been as good with these wonderful creations and the choice never as big. Pairing up as couple is also made very easy with great ideas like Marc Anthony and Cleopatra or a Roman warrior and a Goddess. Check out the fantastic accessories and great looking Men and Women Roman Sandals, a perfect addition for a unique costume.

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